Feeling Crafty: First ever sewing project!

May 21, 2015

A few weeks ago I purchased a 2 Hounds Harness for Bella which got sliced during a wrestling session with Nalu. While looking for a nylon strap repair kit I ran across the Speedy Stitcher and knew magic was happening.

This evening I successfully completed my first ever sewing project! I was able to stitch Bella’s harness back together. The Speedy Stitcher is incredibly easy and intuitive to use. This first product may not look pretty but I can pick Bella completely off the ground with the harness and it holds like a champ!

I got so excited after sewing the harness that I got out the (formerly) nice around the waist leash. This is my favorite leash, but Bella nearly chewed through it once and it was being held together with a twist tie. A few minutes with the Speedy Stitcher and it is all back to normal. This second time around the stitches were much better….right?

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