Tuning up Zippey’s motor

May 17, 2015

Boating season is upon us! That means time for annual maintenance. This weekend I pulled the outboard motor off Zippey’s transom to give it some lovin.

It has been a couple years since this motor has seen any maintenance. Upon first firing the motor a big cloud of blue smoke poured out and the engine was not peeing. I pulled the motor off and changed the impeller in Zippey’s cockpit. The other maintenance I decided to do at Alix house were I had an area to setup the motor and do the maintenance properly.

Josh and I built a motor stand from some 2x4s that turned out pretty sweet.

Other than a rough idle the motor is running pretty well now. Quieted right down, starts with half a pull, and pees like a race horse. I still need to diagnose the idle issue but atm she is ready to chug her way onto the water.