How to get your Archlinux back on Digital Ocean

January 27, 2015


I love love love DigitalOcean! Spinning up and down boxes to play is fun and the price is awesome! I am even working on moving this site (and all the other sites I host) over to a DigitalOcean box managed by

DigitalOcean (DO) allows you to choose from a list of Linux distributions when spinning up a new machine and one of the things that originally attracted me to DO was the ability to choose Archlinux. Sadly shortly after signing up DO dropped support for Archlinux, for very legit reasons. I have held onto the existing Archlinux machine I created for dear life…

Today Jordan Beaver posted on his website that it is not only possible to use Archlinux on DO again but he also provided a walk through guide on how to do it. It involves spinning up a FreeBSD box and replacing its internals.

For anyone else looking to run Archlinux on DigitalOcean go check out Jordan’s article titled Install Archlinux with full control on DigitalOcean VPS