Zippey geared up for 2015 New Years Eve!

December 29, 2014

zippeyZippey has been sitting lonely since the ill-fated trip to Blake Island where she lost her rudder. For New Years Eve Alix and I are taking another couple out to float along the front of Seattle to watch the fireworks at midnight. I did this last year and saw nothing because it got really foggy. The weather this year is slated to be nice and clear though so I headed to the marina today to make sure I could get Zippey’s motor running after sitting for several months. It took a few pulls but the trusty Yamaha outboard fired right up and purred nicely. Took Zippey for a quick run up the aisle. I have missed Zippey. My first boat and my first boat love. Need to get that rudder fixed soon so Zippey can unfurl her sails again instead of pretending she is a powerboat.

Here is a video of the Yamaha outboard purring away a couple minutes after firing.

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