Babies babies babies!!!

October 3, 2014


This morning we got to work with the babies! The team caring for the babies was small but I made sure to get myself on it.

Ugandan babies are probably the cutest babies in the whole world. These babies in particular were from the orphanage. We do have a special section of the clinic for mothers with children.

The surrogate mothers take wonderful care of the children but there is only so much they can do without medical resources. None of the babies were in desperate condition but several were dehydrated or sick. The “babies” ranged from 3 months old to toddlers. All adorable and all feeling much better now.






Here is one of our gals teaching a clinic on basic healthcare for children. She did this several times a day as the waiting area filled up.


And in closing, <3 20141003-183011.jpg


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