How your support for Uganda in March is continuing to help today

October 2, 2014

Back in March of this year (2014) I was honored and blessed to also be able to come to Uganda to serve the people here. On that trip we raised funds in part to purchase cows and pigs, among other needs.

Today during a quick break one of the older students offered to show me the pigs. They look to be in great health and are well cared for. The student was working on building a newer and bigger pen for them.

I was not sure what the plan was with the pigs, whether or not they were going to be eaten. The student told me that many of the female pigs are pregnant. The pigs you helped purchase have been kept to breed up another, larger, generation of piglets. In this manner they the pigs will sustain themselves and even grow in numbers.


Thank you again for your financial support that made that trip and those pigs possible and for all who have continued to support my trips over here to help mend the hurting and feed the hungry.

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