Today I was a drug packer

October 2, 2014


We did another day of the medical clinic today. There were twice the amount of people today as there were yesterday*.

Weather today was perfect and beautiful. I was expecting/hoping for 800+ people to come to the clinic. When we rolled up with the gear at 9am there were already about a hundred people waiting. All told we served 300+ people today.

My job today was packing drugs for the pharmacy. We purchased everything in bulk and divided everything from cough syrup (pictured) to vitamins to strong medicines. I started this when we arrived and worked on it till after lunch, which was just a quick bite, at 1pm. Supplies went fast but we never ran out.

* My count was off yesterday. I said we did 300 and it was actually 200.


I even got to play glasses repair man to a small boy with perscription glasses. One of the lenses was quite busted up. With no super glue present I had to get creative with some of the extra strong medical tape. It worked out pretty well to get the glasses holding solidly back together again and the kid was elated. We did have glasses on hand we purchased but none small enough to fit his little face as replacements.


Watching the mothers smile as we doted on and made their babies feel better and to see the grins of adults who were no longer in pain or could suddenly see clearly with glasses was incredible. Lives were changed for the better today. If you helped contribute to this trip many time over thank you thank you thank you.

This little boy was standing near the toilet staring at the Mzungus (white people) intently and with wonder.


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