Reaching out to the communities around Destiny Orphanage

September 30, 2014


This morning we loaded up the vans and headed out to Destiny Orphanage. After visiting the baby house ( adorable! ) we split into teams and headed into the nearby villages.


The houses in the villages were somewhat spread out so our van team wound up splitting in two to cover more ground. Our mission was to talk to as many people as possible about the medical clinic. Some of the people we talked to also asked for prayer for their families and we were able to pray with them. Word travels fast in the villages and though we were only able to hit four villages in our available time by morning thousands more people will have heard the news.

Medical clinic starts tomorrow! I am still unsure as to what part exactly I will be taking without a medical background, but I am guessing pack mule. This evening we are organizing the piles of medical supplies into suitcases.

Instead of doing the clinic at the Saints Gate church this year it will be at Destiny. This allows us to hit an entirely new group of people, many of whom have never had a medical checkup in their lives, all without costing them a dime.

Clinic starts at 8am so we will be up bright and early!

Here are some pics from today