First morning in Uganda!

September 29, 2014


Yesterday evening we made it to Uganda! Semi-controlled chaos ensued while going through customs and getting all the bags for 27 people found and sorted. Once we got to the mission house Momma Easter ( “Momma” is a term of endearment for women here. I have lots of Mommas now! ) had fresh cookies waiting for us and was finishing cooking spagetti.

After dinner we went to a local shopping center to get our money changed and pick up groceries. I was able to pick up some Stoney, which is perhaps one of my favorite drinks in the world and only available in Africa ( trust me, I searched far and wide in the USA! ). It is a ginger soda with extra fantastic flavors. I wanted to open mine and guzzle it but unfortunately I did not have a straw :S. Even the locals drink from sodas with straws, just in case and bad buggies are on the outside of the container.


The rest of the evening was spent settling in to the house. This morning we will be heading out to Destiny orphanage after breakfast. We are setting up a medical clinic there. And actually it seems I may have been incorrect when I said the clinic was going to be in the Saints Gate church, it seems that it may be at Destiny this year. I will keep you posted.

Excited to see all the little ones at the orphanage again! I am supposed to say hi and hug kids my sister and grandparents sponsor… we will see if I can find them admidst over a thousand other cute lil kids vieing for attention 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from some of you in the comments below!

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