December 19, 2006

So I was talking with a good friend of mine today about my words. I know that I am bad with words and have often gotten myself in trouble with them. Sometimes I have even said things that seem two faced. I want to apologize to anyone who I have done this too. Also I believe that anything I say about a person I should be able to say to them as well. I try to live that. Now I should just leave it at the apology and be done with it but I cannot. This is usually the point in which I do something stupid with my words but I want to defend myself at least a little.

The only real defense I have is towards the two faced thing. Yes I know I can be confusing with this. I tell one person that they should not drink alcohol, yet to another person I am not bothered by it at all. Sometimes I even say it is fine that they drink. That seems pretty conflicting right? I do not see it that way. In my mind it is ok for one and not the other. Why is that you ask? Well I shall explain. When I learn what moral code someone holds or claims to hold I throw it in their face when the violate it. I have no tact so it usually comes off harse even when I do not mean it that way. Not everyone has the same morals either. Let’s keep using alcohol as an example. If someone that tells me they think drinking alcohol is wrong and then they go out and do it I will confront them on it. If someone thinks alcohol is fine and goes out and gets themself plastered I will let it fly. Yes I can totally understand how that can seem two faced but I hope you can understand where I am coming from here. I am not imposing my moral code on them, just throwing theirs back at them.

Maybe it would make more sense to do the same to all, but then I would just be imposing my moral code on them, and that is not right. Each person needs to make up their morals for themselves. Maybe it is that I am too confrontational and I need to hold my tongue more, which I am honestly trying to do.

But whatever. We shall see how you respond based off your comments.