On the third and last set of legs for the Ragnar!

July 19, 2014


This is it! The last set of legs for the 200 mile Ragnar Northwest Passage Relay Race!!!

My leg is by far the most challenging of the entire race. There are two epic hills of titanic height.

I actually just completed my leg and am too excited to wait to post until the end. 8.1 miles done DONE!

The wind was in my face the entire time and rather strongly at that. It felt like someone was pushing against me for the first 2.5 miles through the valley before the hills started.

I did good up the hills. Ran about 20% of the first hill before power walking. I would power walk for 30 feet and then run for a few hundred feet. This strategy worked quite well for me up both hills.

Coming into the end zone was all downhill with a great view of Puget Sound from Whidbey Island. My heart soared as I gazed out across the water and watched a sailboat lazily cruising along with the breeze.

I feel incredibly strong right now. The only pain came from my hip flexors and a quick 30 seconds per side stretch.

And I did it all in a 10:25 MILE PACE!! I am astounded by that!

I have selfie videos i took along the way I will upload when I get a chance to convert them.

Pic of my epic windswept hairdo after climbing into the van.


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