Second set of Ragnar legs complete

July 19, 2014


I am laying on the floor of a school gymnasium in Oak Harbor, surrounded by hundreds of other runners. This is one of two schools available to shower and rest in.

My van has completed its second set of legs and we have a couple hours to ourselves now. Conveniently at night :).

I am showered and happy again. The second set of legs was rough for me. Right before my leg a bank of clouds rolled in threatening rain. Instead of raining the humidity spiked and the wind went away. Humidity combined with high temps sucks energy out of me fast. My run was 7 minutes longer than it should have been! I was dripping in sweat and ready to stop by the end.

Physically I am feeling pretty dang good. Even during the last run my legs, breathing, and heart rate were all fine. My right lower calf is the only place giving me any issues. I am going to try taping it tomorrow. I am not sure if I am pushing off on it harder or if the muscles are jiggling too much but it is putting a damper on my running abilities.

Here I am sweaty and ready for dinner after my run


Some photos from around the team. I tried to get shots of everyone this time but wound up leaving my camera in the car too often.