Today I am running my first Ragnar!

July 18, 2014


My phone alarm goes off at 2:30 am and I roll over and stare at my phone in bewilderment. Who set an alarm for this awful hour? As the fog clears I remember, today is the Ragnar!

Excitement builds as I quickly bounce out of bed ( after hitting snooze 4 times! ) and hop in the shower.

The Ragnar is a 200 mile relay race. The team is broken into 2 vans of 6 people each. We all run 3 seperate legs. I am the 3rd runner in van 1.

My legs are:

Leg 4 – 3.90 miles – Easy rating


Leg 16 – 4.10 miles – Moderate rating


Leg 28 – 8.10 miles – Very Hard rating


This will be my first marathon! I am stoked to be in it. A year ago I decided to kick my personal fitness into overdrive and started working with Rich Thompson of Fetch Fitness. I am now able to be much more active and feel far better in life in general. This will be the most running I have done. My previous distance record is 6 miles in one go. I am looking forward to pushing myself and winning this battle!

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