Website Redesign: Enchanted with Nature

July 5, 2009

I hadn’t intended on redoing any websites tonight, but while I was talking with maddslacker of my Linux group he mentioned that he did not like how his mother-in-law’s site looked. He sent me a link and I made a couple suggestions, then I saved the page with Firefox and did a little editing to show him what I was talking about. Soon I had redone almost the entire layout. Since it is a simple two page static site it did not take very long at all.

Here is the original look

Seeing that there was potential for a good layout already I simply moved the content to the middle, put a border around it, then made the background gray. The font size for the testimonials continued to scream at me, distracting from the page so I made the text smaller, then thought a rotator would tidy the look up. After looking at the rest of the page I realized I could move some other elements around to provide a contrast between the content the visitor should see, and the additional info needed to make the site useful.

By this point I had completely changed the look and maddslacker liked what he saw. Even though it started out as an example of what could be done to improve it, I wound up simply redoing the entire site.

Here is the fresh new layout

Another site successfully and satisfactorally designed.

Visit the Enchanted with Nature website!

One thought on “Website Redesign: Enchanted with Nature

  1. Brad (July 6, 2009)

    That’s a good example, Ben. I like how such a relatively simple change makes the site look a good degree more reputable. Too bad you didn’t get paid!