City of Auburn’s Petapalooza Dot Trot 5k

May 17, 2014

Today I attended my first ever 5k for dogs! It was super awesome. I took Bella, and had Peter Parker drop in and run with me as well. I picked up a new leash Thursday that has a neat design that allows it to be used as a belt. Perfect for running a dog with and maintaining free hands.

Having both dogs made me feel a bit like a dog-sledder, without the sled! They both did great though. After the first mile we had a good groove going.

There were hundreds of beautiful dogs there. I left my phone in the car as my clothes could not hold it well so I missed out on lots of pictures. My two favorites were an 8 month old female brindle Boxer, who was just super cute, and a male Doberman who was just too much fun!