Laundry African style

March 17, 2014

Lastnight I did not sleep well. I had some vivid dreams and kept waking up. It also did not help that the power and water had been out for 2 days and I felt hot and sticky. At 3:30am I got up thinking it was 6am. The power had been on for a while so I was able to shower. I feel much refreshed now. My clothing is a different story.

I have no clean clothes left except a shirt. We leave tomorrow so I feel I rotated through pretty well. One problem though, I did not think about clothes for the 2 day flight home….

The house had a washer, but as I was taking a shower a massive thunderstorm came overhead. The downpour was intense! Seeing as the power grid here is already unstable I thought it prudent not to use the washer and opted to kick it old school in a basin.

I have never washed like this before. It was surprisingly easy. Two days worth of clothes were washed and are now hanging on the line to dry. We shall see when the sun comes up how clean I really got them.


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