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How your support helped change lives today

Today was our second day at the orphanage. I want to share with you the impact that your contribution has had on the kids here. The supplies we had to purchase locally arrived today.

100 new mattresses
Here is what was replaced
14 pigs, including a year of feed, a pen (being built), and a caretaker for a year
7 cows, including a year of feed, a pen, and a caretaker for a year
New belts for 10 sewing machines that were donated last year

Shoes for all the new kids (not pictured)

Sponsors for 6 kids (also not pictured)


7 hour dust bowl


Safari day one

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  1. Mom

    Wow. My heart sung at the gift of mattresses and broke at the sight of what they were using. What a huge blessing to them!!!

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