Visiting the orphanage

March 10, 2014

Whew! What a day! When I think of emotional roller coasters I will forever think of this day.

The team travelled to two places today.

The first place we stopped was heart breaking. Kids who have essentially been abandoned or sent to the city to beg on the street are brought into this facility where they are housed and fed while an attempt to find a parent or relative is made. Because of the horrible living conditions on the street the kids that come in have all sorts of health issues. Imagine having a fever in 90F weather and 85% humidity. Miserable. Several kids ran up to our bus dripping in sweat. Most had crusty skin. Almost all had sores in many places. It was incredibly hard to look at. In Uganda crying is a major sign of weakness and many of us were fighting to reign in the tears threatening to spill out. The children themselves were excited and joyful to have us there. They were fun and energetic and played with us for a long time.

Destiny Orphanage, our second stop, was night and day difference. The children there were all healthy and happy. Living conditions are more permanent so the kids have more pride in their quarters. We will now be at the orphanage more often, but today we were taken on a tour of the grounds and did a concert for the kids. Each of the classrooms greeted us with a memorized verse and we passed out candy to the children.

I am exhausted and almost falling asleep on the keyboard now. Tomorrow I will write a followup post with photos. Cheers for now.

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