National Women’s Day in Uganda

March 8, 2014

Today was National Women’s Day in Uganda. It is similar to an expanded Mother’s Day in the U.S.A.

The team went to a nearby church where a dinner was setup for the women. Unlike in the United States men are always invited to women’s events. It was great to celebrate together.

We will be putting on a three day event for kids this week and we also spent time going into the community inviting kids and their parents to the event. The living conditions here vary greatly, from neat rows of nice houses to ramshackle arrangements of shipping containers with four foot wide paths between them and sewege running down the middle. The community I went to today was the latter. Looking through the eyes of an American this place is filthy and disgusting in many ways. The people here are happy though.

Reflecting on what I saw today makes me grateful for what I have in America. Things like steady electricity (and Internet!), running water, and toilets are something so taken for granted that the only time I really pay attention to them is when the are not working and inconveniencing me. Here it is a daily reality and the people take it in stride.

A lot of kids followed us back to the church and we played with them for hours. I have read books of missionaries living in Uganda and a common thread is how cute the kids are. I did not understand it until today. The kids are precious. They do not talk much, but they sure do love playing and having someone just hold them.

Some photos from the day. The rest will be posted in full resolution after the trip.

















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