Bella takes on Kong

February 21, 2014

A friend sells high quality pet toys and products on Amazon (and elsewhere) that Bella really enjoys. Today I received a Kong Cozie from him. It is a pink dog with a squeeze activated squeaker in its hindquarters. I have not seen Bella around plush toys but she stole it out of my hand before I could get it open. Bella played with the Kong Cozie for hours. In fact she completely ignored the tennis ball she is usually obsessed with.

I am very impressed with the quality of the Kong Cozie. Even after hours of rough play and dragging it along the ground it still looks (dirty but) brand new. The materials and quality of construction are very high. At less than $8 for this toy it is a great deal for the enjoyment Bella gets out of it. Head over to Amazon and pick one up for your dog!

Disclaimer: Yes I know the owner of the business selling these toys. I was not asked to rate or provide any feedback on the toys. They are just so dang good and make Bella so happy I could not resist!