Bella hits the slopes

February 15, 2014

photo 1

Bella heard that a friend of mine is an epic snowboarder and that Stevens Pass was getting a ton of powder this weekend. We all know of Bella’s passionate love affair with the powder. When Megan proposed a trip to the slopes Bella would not allow me to say no. We hopped a ride in Megan’s Jeep and away we went!

It has been 2 seasons since I snowboarded last but I am happy to report that I am still a master at flips and tumbles. In fact I do not think anyone else out there kept up with the number of flips and tumbles I did!

photo 2 photo 7Bella has short fur but with her snazzy new jacket she thought she was a Husky and plowed right through the snow. She was bounding up mounds of snow twice her height.

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