Bella the miser

February 12, 2014

Took Bella to Petco today to get some more waste bags. Near checkout they have various bones and flavorful chew toys. Bella did not express much interest in them other than this stick. 60 cents so I got it. When I gave it to her later she did not care about it at all… Note to self: In the future always go to Mud Bay for bones, toys, and treats. Mud Bay is an awesome semi-local (Puget Sound only) pet store that is as their slogan says “for healthy dogs and cats.” It is a fantastic place with high quality foods and toys. Bella likes everything she gets from there.

IMG_4687Then we went to the park for her to run around a bit. I remembered to turn on my camera before letting her loose this time, but I think she knew she was on as she did not run for long. But dang is she fast! From the recent rain the field turned into a sort of bog. She was whipping up a rooster tail of mud behind her like a motorcycle!

On the way out I walked her through a puddle to get some mud off and she happily started attacking the water. Of course when the camera came out she stopped. This dog….she knows when the camera is on her…

2 thoughts on “Bella the miser

  1. Chezon (February 13, 2014)

    Aww! This is awesome! Can’t watch the videos yet but thank you Ben 🙂

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