Bella helps me work

February 11, 2014

IMG_4676After picking Bella up today I told her it was time to get to work. She liked that idea and promptly brought me her ball. Bella’s style of work is more fun than mine.

(Sorry for the short clip. Ran out of space on my phone 🙁 )

Not to be dissuaded, she hopped right up for some easy lovin.

IMG_4681After realizing I was not going to play then she decided to pretend to be a cat and sit on my keyboard! Luckily she got sleepy from smacking the ball around with her paws and chasing it around and snuggled up for a nap.


2 thoughts on “Bella helps me work

  1. Mike Zielonka (February 12, 2014)

    Where does she sleep? Under the covers…spooning with you?

    1. Ben Lobaugh (blobaugh) (February 12, 2014)

      On top of the covers actually…. 😛