Big Wave Sailing in Elliot Bay

December 1, 2013

There was 20+ knot winds this afternoon and what looked to be a good chop in the water. I grabbed my buddy Sam and we headed to the marina for some sailing. Another sailboat owner saw us getting the boat ready and decided she wanted to come out and join us for a sail.

The wind was pushing the boat hard to port while Sam motored us out of the marina, and a couple times we almost bounced off other boats or pier fingers, but we made it just fine.

After motoring out into the sound a ways Carrie and I conferred on the waves and decided it may be best to not raise the sails for safety. We stayed out maybe forty minutes and then headed back in, also for safety :).

Zippey was plowing into the waves and when I went forward to secure the headsail I found myself going weightless several times. It was kinda fun actually.

Carrie is a rockstar and proactively hopped up to help keep the boat stable and get her back into the slip safely. This was Carrie’s first ride on Zippey and she seemed to enjoy it. Hopefully next time Zippey will provide better sailing conditions for her!

I shot a video of the “calm” portion of the ride ( or you can download it ):