First Steps to Recovery

December 1, 2013

This weekend I spent some quality time with my BFF Jordan and the ugly step-child, my 1976 Reinell 26′ Cabin Cruiser. This is a boat that I inherited from my uncle. He purchased it as a project to do during retirement, unfortunately he died a few months afterwards. Since his passing it sat in a field for five-ish years before his wife asked if I would take it. Over course I said yes, that I would take it and hold onto it for the family. As a project he barely got into it. And since it has sat for so long it now needs even more work. Jordan and I gave it a once over looking for the main things. Here is a quick, non-comprehensive, list to get it running:

  • New starter solenoid
  • New distributor
  • Possibly new hydraulic pump to control the outboard drive
  • Obviously everything in the motor needs drained and refreshed. May need seal changes too
  • The lower unit of the outboard drive is missing ( prop is in a storage locker though )
  • Electrical system needs to be thoroughly checked as I am not confident on the quality of work the boat shop did
  • New hoses for all bilge pumps and vents

To make it more comfortable on the interior:

  • New coverings for all the seats
  • New carpet ( Was anyone a fan of diarrhea orange? Ever? )
  • Overhead carpeting needs removed and possibly replaced if it is too ugly underneath
  • Bilge pumps checked
  • Electrical checked
  • Fresh water plumbing checked
  • Head refinished so it is watertight for the shower
  • Waste lines and tank checked
  • New composting head would be ideal
  • V-Berth is all mold. Everything needs to be removed and rebuilt
  • A good portion of the wood work either needs ripped out and rebuilt or shined up
  • Flybridge chairs new complete overhaul
  • Bimini setup

Basically all the interior needs to be replaced :). I am toying with the idea of building 3D renders of the interior and playing with an entirely new setup rather than keeping it stock looking. Try to make it more of an open seating area with tables that can be snapped into place.

Anywho, this is the basic checklist that I will keep referring back to. Could be a year long project, though I hope it will happen faster than that! I would like to see the old gal out mid summer.

Here are some picks for your amusement ( FYI motor is a Ford 351W )