Award for worst customer service experience goes to Comcast

November 1, 2013

I use Comcast because it is unfortunately the best internet service available where I live currently. I wish I could get the amazing CondoInternet service, but alas it is unavailable.

Since I tend to work from home a lot I splurged and ordered the high end ( expensive ) internet package. I own my own modem, however it is a bit older. I found out that in order to support the new speeds I needed to upgrade to a modem that contains the new standard.

Today I went out and spent the $100 on the new modem. I have setup or transferred my service three times so I know that it takes 10 to 20 minutes to get the new modem going. Since I was in the middle of a project I hopped on the online Comcast support chat. I was transferred four times… Each technician said someone else needed to do the work. Oh, and they ALL asked me who I was, what the problem was, and for all the numbers from the new modem each time. Frustrating? Yes! Finally the last person ( 20 minutes after telling me it would take 5 minutes ) gave me a phone number and told me I had to call it! WTH????

Comcast your support really really sucks. Why do your people not know how to activate a modem?

So I called the number and waited on hold for ten minutes. This is the longest hold time I have had with Comcast. A nice lady came on the line. I was frustrated enough at this time that I blandly repeated all my information to her again. Guess what? She got the modem online in less than twenty minutes! What happened with the rest of the support morons?

I ran speed tests from several different services and did in fact see much faster download speeds, but the upload was the same as before, and neither was what it should have been for my package. As it turns out I am paying for one of the most expensive packages but have only been given the lowest level package speeds. Again, WTH Comcast??? Is your system so broken and crappy that you cannot even match what the person is paying with their account with the speed of the package it is supposed to be?

And on that note, WTH do I need to give my information to EVERY SUPPORT TECHNICIAN? YOU HAVE COMPUTERS! USE THEM! Data is not as expensive as you charge your customers for, you make a fat profit. Use some of that money to build a competent support system that keeps the customer’s support information with them as they transfer around. It is a ‘duh’ (facepalm) moment.

In summary, Comcast you suck, CondoInternet please come rescue me!