September 14, 2013 – John Peranzi of Fourthwest Apartments enters illegally

September 15, 2013

Filing this away for future documentation.

John Peranzi of Fourthwest Apartment at 521 4th avenue west, Seattle, WA entered my apartment sometime between 4:00 PM ( Sept 14 )  and 1:00 AM ( Sept 15 ). Nothing seems to have been moved or taken that I can see so far. This entry was without notification and therefore illegal. There was a message taped to my door a few days ago telling me to answer my phone, however I have not received any calls from John.

Please please please reconsider moving into these apartments if you are looking. The general manager is not to be trusted.

Update: I spoke with a police officer who will be contacting John and filing a report for me. Incident #13-336054

Update 2: On the officer’s recommendation I contacted John. True to form he did not answer his phone. I left a voicemail letting him know there was an unauthorized entry into the apartment and a police report had been filed.

Update 3: I figured out what the manager did when he entered. He got into the circuit breaker box and turned on all the breakers that were turned off.

Update 4: It is now almost 11pm on the Tuesday after I reported this entry to the police. John still has not called me back. It is clear he does not take security at these apartment seriously or he would have either told me it was him, or worked to ensure the building is more secure in the future.

If you would like to help out my cause you can use the following numbers:

John Peranzi

One company name I see: Emerald City Commercial

The other company name I see: Fourthwest Square Apartments

Seattle City Contact 206-615-0808

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