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Zippey has a rudder!

Zippey is getting closer to splash down!

Lastnight Josh and I macgyvered a rudder set up. I have been busy with Footloose and racing other people’s boats and poor Zippey has not had a rudder in almost 2 years!


Zippey’s bottom is slowly cleaning up!

Zippey’s bottom side is slowly cleaning up. Sanding off the old junk has taken a fair amount longer than I had anticipated, however my new buddy Ben Matthewson, who I met sailboat racing, is in between college quarters and has been immensely helpful in getting Zippey ready.

Thus far I have been pleasantly surprised at the state of the bottom. I expected much worse conditions. There are only a few blisters and for the most part they are minor.

Here is another photo to keep you tantalized.



Sneak peek at Zippey’s underside

Zippey finally got a spot at the boatyard! She has been hauled out to redo the bottom. I will post a complete writeup when the process is complete, however here are some photos to entice you in. This is the result of latex house paint on the bottom of a sailboat kept in saltwater (long story, I did not put the current paint on….)

Please clean me!

You may recall that latex house paint was used when Zippey was painted last (long story… I did not do it). I have known for a while that she needs to be pulled and repainted, however I did not know the extent. With the frustrations I had this summer with Zippey’s speed; I picked up a GeekPro camera (GoPro clone) to enable me to visually inspect the underside of the boat. What I found confirmed my suspicions that there is marine growth that is slowing Zippey down. In fact there is a ton of growth down there. Here is the video of Zippey’s undersides.

Stripping the old adhesive with Marine Formula by Debond Corp

Much of the old adhesive connecting the deck to the hull was rotting out. I previously removed the rotten stuff but there was some “good” adhesive that did not want to come out. Instead of continuing to beat myself up trying to rip it out I turned to the internet and found Marine Formula by Debond Corp.  It promises to make the process of removing the old adhesive easy, and it works! Spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes, apply another coat if necessary.

Because this adhesive is old I went with three coats before I started pulling up the adhesive. It works swell. In fact in places the tension of the deck pulling away from the hull popped the adhesive off for me!

I took a quick video to show how well it works.

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