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Zippey’s bottom is slowly cleaning up!

Zippey’s bottom side is slowly cleaning up. Sanding off the old junk has taken a fair amount longer than I had anticipated, however my new buddy Ben Matthewson, who I met sailboat racing, is in between college quarters and has been immensely helpful in getting Zippey ready.

Thus far I have been pleasantly surprised at the state of the bottom. I expected much worse conditions. There are only a few blisters and for the most part they are minor.

Here is another photo to keep you tantalized.



Sneak peek at Zippey’s underside

Zippey finally got a spot at the boatyard! She has been hauled out to redo the bottom. I will post a complete writeup when the process is complete, however here are some photos to entice you in. This is the result of latex house paint on the bottom of a sailboat kept in saltwater (long story, I did not put the current paint on….)


Lovely afternoon sail


Missing the sunny summer sailing days

An evening out with my honey

Alix and I took Zippey out for a couple hours before meeting some friends for dinner. It was a beautiful peaceful evening.

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