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A beautiful stroll in Discovery Park


The days are getting nicer, and longer! Alix and I took the dogs on a nice urban hike through Discovery Park. The view from the overlook is amazing! We hiked down the steep trail to the lighthouse and sat on perfectly sun warmed rocks for quite some time watching the sailboats leisurely cruise past.


Hiking Lake 22

The pacific northwest has some amazing and beautiful hikes. My soon-to-be-sister-in-law is an avid hiker and her, Alix, and myself made the trek out to Lake 22 yesterday. It did not disappoint. There was a good chunk covered in annoying small boulders but the lake was worth it (at least once 😉 ).


Hiking Lake Serene with Bella and Nalu

Josh and I love hiking.

Now that the weather has warmed up we have the proper gear to get out on the trail and do some day hikes and warm weather backpacking trips. This past weekend we trekked up to beautiful Lake Serene with our pups Bella and Nalu.

I have been to Lake Serene a couple times in the past (Lake Serene Birthday Hike, . It is a beautiful hike with some serious switchbacks for half the trail but the view of the lake and from the top of the falls is worth it. Unfortunately I seem to be sick on that hike and this time was no exception. I thought I was right at the tail of a sickness but the hike brought it back full force. Maybe Lake Serene is trying to warn me off ;).

I have photographed Lake Serene in the past so this time I thought I would play around with photographing the dogs with my new iPhone 6. Camera technology in these phones has progressed impressively. Here are some shots.


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