Massively Scaling WordPress

In the Cloud

A Case Study

Ben Lobaugh / @benlobaugh

You are responsible for building a website for a new movie

The movie is billed as the movie to see this year

The producers want to use the latest and greatest technology

Yes this is the Space Jam movie.
The year is 1996

The platform, a single 233mhz pentium II machine

*I do not know the actual specs
Then Now
Static HTML Dynamic Scripted HTML
Static data on page Dynamic databases of info
Same content for all Individually targeted content
Isolated site External site integrations (social, ADs, APIs, etc)
This is a small sampling

In this session I will walk you through a project my company recently did with 10 million real users viewing the site in an hour

Who is Ben Lobaugh?

Live in Seattle

Former Seattle WordPress Meetup and WordCamp organizer

Lead Developer at WebDevstudios

Married 3 weeks!

Who is WebDevStudios

We Build Great Things with Great Clients

Be interactive

Platform - WordPress

No flames

24.4% of known CMS installs


Well known consistent interface

Easy for content editors

Easy to customize and build integrations for

Platform - Azure

Client requested

Platform as a Service (PAAS)

You build nothing, but you can


Support available from Azure

Modern Day Case Study

How we scaled a site to 10 million hits per hour

Multi-region support

Split into 2 regions

  • West US
  • East US

Load Balancer

Balances traffic based on VM resource usage

West US handles all traffic. East US is failover

Database Clustering

Provided by ClearDB - Azure partner

Site specs provided to ClearDB and they design the arch for you

Virtual Machines

Each region runs 20 Large VMs

File Sync

Use Azure Storage instead of local


Azure Storage provides a built-in CDN for all loaded assets

Caching - Redis

Pain Points

Lets be realistic, nothing is perfect

During a surge we increased VM count and flooded the DB connections

Better multi-region caching support

Hack WordPress core for persistant database connections

Working with Azure support can be difficult

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